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email me at My Shadowbox store in Norfolk, Va


***MINIMUM ORDER $20.00***

CPO retirement coin $7.00 ea, $10.00 with engraved back.

20 or more $9.00 each with engraving

40 or more $8.00 each with engraving

The front states: I Stand Relieved, You have the Watch, Fair Winds and Following Seas.

The Back is engraved for each individual.

First Class Petty Officer.  Same price as the CPO retirement coin.

Front of coin states: I stand Relieved, You have the Watch.  First Class Petty Officer, Where Leadership begins. These coins make great gifts for the people in your ceremony, Family and Friends.



Naval Officer Retirement Coin

Same as CPO and First Class Retirement Coin

CPO Coin $8.00

First Class Coin $8.00

Second Class Coin $8.00

Third Class Coin $8.00



large wall coin rack - open